Take it to the Box-Medication Disposal

What is "Take it to the Box"? 

It is a program that promotes the safe use, safe storage and safe disposal of unneeded over-the-counter medications, prescriptions and narcotic drugs for FREE of charge for community member. The Crow Wing County community as a whole is serious about preventing medication misuse/abuse and serious about healthy, environmentally safe disposal of unneeded medications. Safe Medication disposal helps reduce such risks. 

Why is it important? 

    • There is a growing concern regarding the abuse by youth and others of medications not prescribed to them. Safe Disposal makes unneeded medicine less available.
    • Evidence is increasing of the damage to the environment due to unsafe disposal of  medications. It is no longer safe to dispose by flushing down sinks, toilets and/or drains. Proper disposal helps protect our soil and water. 

What Kind of medicine can go in The Box?

Any unneeded over the counter medications, prescriptions or narcotic drugs can be placed in The Box. Inhaler medication in dispensers may be dropped off in The Box.

What do I do?

    • Check medications regularly for expiration dates and clean out medicine cabinets at least annually.
    • Leave Medication in the original container.
    • Remove you name and other identifying information. Black out with markers or peel information off.
    • Leave the name of the medication and all other information on the container. 
    • Drop medication bottles into the disposal box opening

Can I bring in someone else's medication?

This is a free, anonymous, no-questions-asked program. If needed, friends or family member may bring  medication to The Box for someone else. 

What about syringes, needles or "sharps"?

These items can NOT go in The Box. Syringes can be safely disposed by putting them in sealed, hard plastic containers and putting them in your garbage. Talk to your pharmacist about other syringe disposal options and products that are available. For further suggestions for syringe disposal contact: Crow Wing County Solid    Waste at (218) 824 - 1290.

What else can NOT go into The Box?

    • No mercury thermometers or other mercury containing medical devices.
    • No household chemicals like glues, paints and other inhalants. 
    • No bio-hazardous waste will be accepted, including item contaminated with bodily fluids.
    • No cancer or other treatment medications, such as chemotherapy or radioactive medications. For proper disposal of these items contact: Crow Wing County Solid Waste at (218) 824 - 1290.

What happens to the medicine dropped into The Box?

The Box is emptied daily. Contents are stored in a secured location. Medicines will then be taken to a licensed site to be incinerated.

Safe Use Of Medication:

    • Read and follow directions on all medications.
    • Take the recommended dose - no more, no less.
    • Don't share your prescription medicine with another or take someone else's medication. 

Safe Storage of Medication:

    • Keep all medication in a safe location that is unavailable to children, teens, and guests.
    • Lock up narcotics or mood altering medicines.
    • Keep medicines in their original containers.
    • Follow storage directions on the medicine.